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Why Makino?

Makino is known for making corn and nut snacks in a very delectable and exciting way. We have come up with extruded snacks like corn chips & corn twists. Apart from Extruded Snacks, we have nachos in different varieties such as regular nachos in different flavours, super nachos, round nachos, stacked nachos in can packs, nachos with dips and Jain Nachos for those who cannot consume onion and garlic in their routine diet. For giving more punch of crunch we have launched Roasted Nuts in 2022. 

Makino is the first one to launch extruded snacks like corn chips and corn twist and it also has the highest range of corn snacks in India. All our products are made of NON-GMO base ingredients, No MSG, Zero Trans Fat, and Zero Cholesterol and almost all products are Gluten-Free. We are here with a snacking experience that can be delicious and healthy at the very same time. Makino Nachos have 40% less oil than regular potato chips. 

Makino also offers roasted nuts that are made from the natural groundnuts of Gujarat. We source unique and finest peanuts and process them without frying. Makino peanuts have a high source of protein and fibre, Zero Cholesterol, Zero Trans Fat, Gluten-free and MSG Free.


Your Munching Partner In Every Mood

The taste and nutrition packed in each of our snacks come without compromise. We do not use any kind of artificial ingredient to enhance the taste (i.e. Monosodium Glutamate) and they are made with fresh and wholesome ingredients that cater to our message of a healthy and tasty snack. Following is our unique process for mouth-watering snacks. 1) Sourcing Non-GMO corn from North India 2) Convert corn into flour 3) Sheeting 4) Baking 5) Frying in corn oil 6) Seasoning with drooling flavours 7) Packaging

Makino Extruded Corn Chips and Corn Twist Process

◆ Sourcing of Non-GMO corn that is clean, uniformly sized, and impurity-free corn from North India

◆ The next step is to convert the finest corn into flour which is then turned into a dough. .  

◆ Then there comes where the form meets function, different unique shapes are derived through the extruder.

◆ The extruded chips are dropped directly into hot fresh corn oil for frying.

◆ Once the nachos are out, they are seasoned with delicious flavours.

◆ And after all this, it is transferred into a fun packet of tasty snack packs.

Fun ways to have Makino Nachos:

1) Healthy grab to curb your hunger. Have the Makino snack as you move into your day.
2) Relish the mouth-watering Makino snacks with delectable dips.
3) Top the Makino snacks with your own special toppings and enjoy them to your fullest

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